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Don’t know your box end from your bargeboard, or your fascia from your soffit?

Don’t worry… we’re here to help. Use the arrows to scroll through the slides on the banner above and find out about fascia, soffit, gutter, box end and bargeboards.

Fascia and Soffit

The point where the walls of your house meet the roof is called your roofline. It is comprised of a fascia board to close off the roofspace and soffit that fills the gap between the fascia board and the wall. 

It’s one of the vulnerable parts of a building because it is exposed to attack from wind and rain. Problems with fascia can go unnoticed. These include damage to roof timbers, leaking guttering – which can cause damp or water damage to walls and windows.

Guttering and downpipes

Sometimes called a Rainwater system, the gutters and downpipes are attached to the fascia and carry rain away from the roof into the drainage system.

When deciding which brand of products to use for your guttering replacement, make sure you choose a complete system. That is to say one with a fully integrated suite of rainwater, fascia and soffit products that have been designed to work together. Not only will this be easier and faster to install, it also makes for a better job – one that will last.

Roofline Buying Guide

It’s not always easy to get home improvement jobs done. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand the different options and get a fair quote for replacement roofline – fascia, soffit and guttering.

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Replacement roofline quote

Check out our short video below which shows how to get a quote for new fascia, soffit and and guttering.