Why your fascia and roofline matters…

Freefoam has been manufacturing fascia products for over 20 years.

During that time we’ve built up lots of knowledge and experience. We wanted to share this information with homeowners like you and demystify the process of getting fascia repaired or replaced – that’s why we have developed My Fascia.

Our aim is to

  • help you understand what roofline is all about and why it's important to keep it maintained or repaired
  • familiarise you with the different roofline products so you can make an informed decision about roofline replacement
  • put you in touch with a reliable Registered Freefoam installer

Essential fascia & roofline products for your home

The roofline is where the walls of your house meet the roof. It’s where your gutters collect the rainwater running from your roof, and channel it safely away into drains.

The roofline is one of the weakest points of your home and it’s the area that gets the most punishment from the elements. 

Damaged or poorly fitted roofline will allow driving rain to enter the gap between the roof and the walls. Timber rafters and joists will soon start to rot.

Our integrated systems are professsionally installed and guaranteed to protect your home for decades to come.

Guttering & rainwater systems you can rely on

Water from blocked or broken gutters will overflow down the outside walls. Left un-repaired moisture will seep through the wall and create problems with damp and mould on the inside of your home. It is essential to keep guttering well maintained.

Freefoam gutters, downpipes and rainwater systems keep going and going, year after year – all guaranteed by the manufacturer.

We are here to help

We're here to help – with any roofline replacement questions, or to arrange a quote from one of our 1,000+ local approved fascia installers throughout the UK.