Guttering replacement and installation

Guttering is available in a choice of styles to suit different buildings and different tastes.

Quality ranges are also available in colours: white, brown, black, caramel, and anthracite grey.

Square guttering

Suitable for the roofline of both traditional and modern homes.


Round guttering

A classic shaped gutter.


Ogee guttering

A scalloped shape gutter designed to give a more decorative finish to your roofline.


Deep guttering

A deeper style suitable larger roofs and larger volumes of rainwater. Your installer will be able to recommend whether your home would benefit from this product when he advises you on your guttering replacement.

The benefits of Freeflow guttering

Freeflow™ is Freefoam’s range of gutters and downpipes designed to give a leak free solution.

White inside. Freefoam are one of the few companies who make guttering with a distinctive layer of white PVC inside. This white layer cleverly reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the guttering on a hot day which in turn reduces (by up to 40%) the amount the gutter expands and contracts as it warms up and cools down.

Red seals. Our guttering includes red long-life advanced compressible seals which are used to create flexible water-tight joints when connecting lengths of guttering together. These allow the gutter to move – without making a noise and without creating the gaps which cause leaks.

No more leaks and creaks! Reducing guttering movement significantly reduces a major cause of leaks and also reduces those annoying gutter creaks. So if you don’t want leaky, creaky gutters when you replace your guttering Freefoam is the answer.

Integrated Range. When looking into roofline repair and replacement make sure you choose a manufacturer that offers a complete suite of integrated fasica, soffit and rainwater products - where all the different elements have been designed to work together for better results.