Fascia installation review – Peter

A testimonial from a homeowner who chose Freefoam fascia, soffit and rainwater products for his property using a Freefoam Registered Installer, Safe Seal Roofline:



“Hello my name is Peter we bought the house from new 19 years ago and moved in. Over the years we’ve called people in to rub the woodwork down and paint it and three years later you pay money to have the same thing done again.

We wanted something more permanent - no maintenance or low maintenance so that’s what we decided to do. Safe Seal a Freefoam registered installer did the job for us, we can’t speak too highly of them they’ve done an excellent job.

Easy people to work with, always tidying up after themselves. All very good - we haven’t got to worry about getting someone in to paint in three or four years time because Freefoam have done the job with a fifty year guarantee.

You can’t beat it, we are very very happy with the job Safe Seal have done for us. The house looks good, you can see for yourself, we are both very pleased.”